Leprosy Hospital in India

Rising Star Outreach at Leprosy Hospital in India

Believe it or not, the year 2020 is finally drawing close to its end! As the holiday season is among us, you may be looking for ways to help someone in need or give back. What better way to make this year brighter than to serve? Did you know there are millions of people throughout the world suffering from leprosy or leprosy-related disabilities? You can make a difference in their lives, and here’s how:

Leprosy Hospital in India

Rising Star Outreach at Leprosy Hospital in India

1. Sponsor a Child- You can form a special mentor-like friendship with a student whom you sponsor, which can change not only their lives but yours as well. Want to send a holiday or birthday gift? We encourage all sponsors to send school gifts on behalf of thier students that the entire school or mulitple students can enjoy. Here is a gift guide that can help  https://risingstaroutreach.org/sponsor-a-child/sponsor-a-child-gift-guide-3rd-5th-standard/

2. Start a Campaign- Host an event to raise money, spread awareness or gather supplies, plan a service project, or donate your special day by asking loved ones for donations instead of gifts. If you need assistance in coming up with ideas, we can help! https://risingstaroutreach.org/get-involved/campaigns/

3. Attend an Event- By attending a fundraising event, you can learn more about leprosy and the fight to eliminate it from the world. Enjoy a night of entertainment, stories, auctions, and meet other amazing people who also want to make an impact in the world. For a list of events, see this calendar: https://risingstaroutreach.org/get-involved/events/

4. Become a Volunteer- Volunteering is one of the most valuable gifts you can give! Whether that be through professional advising, interning, or just giving a little of your time, it goes a long way! No experience is necessary, so click this link for more information and to fill out a form to sign up: https://risingstaroutreach.org/get-involved/work-with-us/

5. Become an Ambassador- There are many ways to be an ambassador. Follow us on social media and like, share, and comment on our posts! Talk to your loved ones about leprosy to clear up misconceptions and raise awareness. Host a fundraiser of your own! Attend or volunteer at our events, or ask us to be a guest speaker at yours. Click this link for more information on how to be an ambassador:  https://risingstaroutreach.org/get-involved/be-an-ambassador/

6. Select Rising Star Outreach as your Amazon Smile Charity- Did you know that a portion of every purchase on Amazon can go to a charity of your choice at no extra cost to you? All you have to do is sign up on amazonsmile.com and type in “Rising Star Outreach” to select this charity, and after that, every purchase you make will donate a portion to Rising Star Outreach. So easy, so helpful, and doesn’t require any extra time or resources from you!

7. Make a Donation- Whether it’s a recurring donation or a one-time donation, every little bit goes a long way. Donate on behalf of your organization or yourself, you choose! You can also dedicate your donation to someone, just select yes while filling out the form and enter in the information. https://give.risingstaroutreach.org/product/general-fund/give-where-needed-most

As you can see, you can help leprosy patients in a variety of ways, some of which are at no cost to you. The stigma associated with leprosy has been carried down for centuries, and with your help, we can educate and inform others of the truths about the disease, provide those who have it with resources and healthcare, and also prevent even more from ever having to endure the lasting effects it can have. We hope this has inspired you to make a difference, and wish you a very wonderful holiday season!

For more information visit https://risingstaroutreach.org/.


Brittany Hunter is a marketing specialist passionate about non-profit work. She has volunteered in Portugal, Costa Rica, and throughout the United States. She and her husband, Josh, currently reside in Sandy, Utah, and in their spare time can be found hiking, traveling, or spending time with family.

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