The volunteers this session really seemed to love the medical rotation! We were able to visit the A.S Nagar and Gandhi colonies, as well as Bethel Nagar and Vandalur. Since A.S Nagar and Gandhi colonies are so small, the volunteers really felt like they got to know the patients and bond with them as they helped with their wound care. One woman in the Gandhi colony was so friendly to us, and was so proud to show us her house and her possessions. She invited us inside, and showed us her different pictures of the different Hindu Gods, and her different items.

The volunteers especially loved to be at Bethel Nagar. They loved hearing about the history of the colony.

 “It was so interesting and so moving to hear about this colony, and how they work together to support one another and the colony. Watching the people interact you could just tell there was a great sense of family there,” said Tregani Barney.

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