This well started off as a scouting trip.  We heard that they were having a well problem and when we showed up they had two hand pump wells.  One was the governments well that was broken, and then there was this one.  Another NGO had placed this well but it has sat broken for years.
After talking with them we got access to the old materials and assessed the situation.  We couldn’t have done it with out the Rising Star Outreach Social Worker Vincent.  He was essential to our success.

Cody talking with Vincent so he can translate for the colony President.

Cody is checking the depth of the well.

From here we purchased the items needed for the project in a local hardware shop, where again Vincent was a major help.  We returned on Tuesday to finish the job.

This out of the three projects that we completed was the simplest… and that’s not saying too much.  It seems that not matter what project there is there is always something that needs adjusting.

We outfitted this well with a new cylinder, pipes, rods and kept the original pump stand, handle and pump head.

Sankar is one of the Rising Star Outreach Drivers, today he doubled as a master plumber.  He was in charge of re-setting the pipe clamp for each section.

We got the colony leaders involved.  Above is a picture of the Colony  President who came out to help.  He and the Secretary were willing and helpful each step of the way.

Cody, from People Water said that one of the main reasons that these pumps break is because the pump chain doesn’t stay greased.  He had the President apply a generous amount to make sure that this one lasts.
After a little bit of work and time, we were able to complete the well and now the colony has a working well.  After a few days of pumping and use the water will be fresh and clean.

Here is our group of helpers.  If you look close you can see some kids from Rising Star.  They were home for the day taking family pictures.  It made the day even more special.

Jeremy Cannon and Naveen. People Water’s Photographer for the trip.


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