This year we are building twelve latrines in one of the leprosy colonies where Rising Star Outreach has been going to for years: Chettipunniyam. Chettipunniyam is a middle sized colony with 78 inhabitants, 30 of them are affected with leprosy.

We started on the 17th of June with digging and making room for the foundation. Also we need to dig 4 feet deep holes for the tanks. It is hard work but very rewarding. All the volunteers are putting their best effort in this physical labor. 

We have two Indian coworkers: Milo and Deverasj. They are hard workers and help us out a lot. Besides that they are the funniest people I’ve ever met. They goof around a lot and they make everybody laugh. The volunteers have already grown really fond of them. We are making great progress and I hope to see at least one of the latrines finished before I leave.

All the villagers are intrigued by our visits. They are all so loving and grateful. They all want to help out and make us feel as comfortable as possible. This project will help them live more comfortably. After the latrines are built their environment will be more hygienic and safe. This will make their lives a bit easier.  

— Claartje America (Netherlands)
Community Outreach Coordinator

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