Maurine has been chosen as the Session #2 change agent, but lucky for us, she has been with us since Session #1. We have loved having her on campus and really wish we could keep her longer. Her spunky personality, creativity and mad teaching skills have been touching the people of India since June. 
Maurine is a professional science teacher hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. She has gone out of her way to use her education background to help the students with their studies—often at the sacrifice of her own free time. Maurine has become a permanent tutor at night school and has even served as a substitute teacher during regular school days when needed. After teaching his class, one of the students approached her asking when she would be coming to teach again. I believe his exact words were “Auntie! Auntie! Can you come teach my class again? You are the best reader! You are the best teacher ever!” 
Her education background didn’t limit Maurine from excelling in the medical and construction rotations as well. Maurine’spositive attitude mixed with her natural spunk created a contagiously positive atmosphere where ever she was found.  
When told she was chosen as the Session 2 Change Agent, Maurine was very touched. She wrote the following about her volunteering experience in India;

            “I think one of the most beautiful parts of any country are the people that reside there. I’ve definitely seen this to be true in India. My favorite experiences have been talking and playing with the children, laughing with the Indians we work with, or hugging those we serve. A highlight from the trip was the day I was asked to be a substitute teacher at the school. I was a little nervous, and I wasn’t sure what cultural differences to expect in the classroom. The day turned out to be incredible! Each class started a little crazy as students got back from their breaks, but once we were going they were extremely enjoyable classes. The students were so respectful, quietly standing up by their seat each time they answered a question and very participative and engaged in the class. I feel so privileged to have had that opportunity here. I’m really going to miss the kids here, but I’m excited to bring all my experiences back and use in my classroom in America. I hope I can share piece of my experience with my students there.”

We will miss having Maurine on campus, but we are so grateful for the time we were able to have her here!

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