Jean Shifrin is a long time friend of Rising Star Outreach and has traveled to India and our campus many times. She has taken many of the iconic pictures that has made up webpages, publications and presentation photos. She is extremely talented and has been all over the globe capturing images of people’s everyday life and sharing it with the world. 

Jean traveled with the Women to Women group this January to India and she has compiled some of her images spanning the Rising Star campus, staff, children, Indian life and its historical buildings. We are so blessed she is sharing her talent with Rising Star Outreach, she is a Rising Star Outreach Change Agent. 

“It’s nearly impossible to capture India with still photos, but I tried to at least represent a small bit of it. India is such a wonderful assault on the senses that you really need the sounds, smells, taste and feel to have the full experience. Hopefully these photos will give viewers a tiny window on the amazing country that is India.” — Jean Shifrin

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