January 2016 President’s Letter

December left its mark on Rising Star Outreach… literally! It downed trees, washed out our track, and damaged fences and roads on our campus, while exacting a serious toll on the surrounding area and some of the colonies that we serve.

Fortunately, many of our amazing friends stepped up and responded to our call for Monsoon Relief Aid.

One of my favorite stories comes from Mindi, a young woman from Utah who decided she could help by donating money that she earned shoveling snow.

What a beautiful and profound expression of love! Thank you Mindi and thanks to each of you who have contributed to help our dear friends in the colonies.

Your help has already allowed us to set up various clinics and provide needed food and supplies to more than 1,000 individuals and their families, which you can read about here. There is still much to be done, and I will be sure to update you on how things progress with restoration.

December capped off a very memorable year for Rising Star Outreach. Some of the most notable highlights of 2015 include the following:

  • The Peery Matriculation School topped enrollment of 260 students for the first time
  • All five 12th standard students passed their exams and began their college careers 
  •  All 13 of the 10th standard students successfully passed their exams to continue their schooling
  • Together with the Perpetual Colony Education Fund recipients we helped over 500 students attend school this year!
  • We were blessed to receive opening permission to start a higher secondary school at Rising Star Outreach
  • Founder Becky Douglas returned from her mission to the Dominican Republic and accepted the invitation to chair the Board of Directors for Rising Star Outreach
  • Sally Read concluded her term as president and I was humbled by the invitation to be the next president
  • Scores of individuals received access to micro-finance
  •  Hundreds of leprosy effected patients received medical 
  • Thousands of lives were lifted and changed for the better!

As we Step Forward into this new year, we are excited for the new opportunities that lie ahead. We can’t wait for the Women-To-Women volunteers to arrive soon and we hope that many more of you will follow them and join us in volunteer service this year.

Volunteer session dates and information are available on our website here.

Anyone who has gone in the past can tell you what a special experience volunteering is. By serving and lifting the leprosy affected, we know that we too are blessed as our eyes are opened and our hearts expanded.

Thank you for what you do to lift and inspire others and for being a part of the Rising Star Outreach family!


Tyler Vigue

About Our President

Tyler and his wife Ali live in Provo with their six wonderful children. He speaks Latvian, loves his BYU sports teams, and desires nothing more than to help others and make the world a better place.
Email Tyler: tvigue@risingstaroutreach.org

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