Founder Becky Douglass, Board Member Christy Dixon, Director Amy Humphrey

March President’s Letter: Ricky and Christy Dixon have shown that by involving others, love is truly magnified!

Rick and Christy Dixon have for many years loved and supported the work of Rising Star Outreach. The experience became something that they wanted to share and so they involved the agents of their company and have dramatically magnified the impact created. 
The Children Rick and Christy sponsor
Rick and Christy’s company has a wonderful family feel and when they do things, they do them together as a family. They decided that their philanthropy would be done in the same way. 
For several years, at their annual convention, they have used fun and creative ways to engage participants in the process of giving back and lifting the less fortunate. Agents get competitive, challenge their teams, laugh, cheer, and occasionally are moved to tears as they realize the profound impact of their giving. 
In 2012, as part of a convention, donors from the company were instrumental in the establishment of the Perpetual Colony Education Fund at Rising Star Outreach. Their support allowed us to issue our first education grants to children unable to attend our school, but whose families needed  a little bit of help to get them to school and off the streets begging. 
Since its inception, the Perpetual Colony Education Fund has helped hundreds of parents in the colonies with these small loans that become the seed capital, making education a priority and changing countless lives. As the families pay back the loans over the course of the year, the funds are circulated again, year after year, helping more children and families. This year, 228 grants were issued to help students from various leprosy colonies throughout Tamil Nadu. 
Our Children in front of our campus
Now more than 500 children in India are benefiting each year from the generosity of people like Rick and Christy and the agents that choose to join them. The gifts and service continue to be paid forward and more and more people are blessed.
At their most recent convention, company agents stepped up to sponsor another 27 children at Rising Star Outreach! All together, dozens of these individual agents have stepped in to help our children and collectively you would not believe how much money they have given and how many ways they have changed lives for the better!

This touching anonymous note reads: “I don’t know how much to give to you and Rising Star Outreach as I am dealing w/ some personal issues with my family. I truly think about how Christ healed the 10 lepers and what a difference they must have felt. The one that came back to Him and thanked him as they ran home to their families praising God. As I discuss this with my family we will support you through prayer and hope I can give a whole lot next year. Proverbs 3:5-6”
We are so grateful for Rick and Christy and the hundreds of partners and donors at Ancora who have given so much and have magnified love in their support of these precious little ones. 
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