GIVE on March 31st to Help Rising Star Outreach WIN BIG!

Here at Rising Star Outreach, we spend a lot of time focusing on the work we do. And why shouldn’t we? The stigma of leprosy is a horrid thing, and the victories we have accomplished through our volunteers and donors are amazing and wonderful.
But behind the scenes, Rising Star Outreach operates through the generous donations of people like you. This week, you have the opportunity to support Rising Star Outreach through your donations in a very special way.

With Love Utah, Give Utah, when you give, we all win!
On Thursday March 31, use the Love UT Give UT online giving platform to support Rising Star Outreach. By giving today, and giving your friends an opportunity to give, Rising Star Outreach competes to earn some amazing prizes, such as a dollar-for-dollar matching grant!

Learn more about the Love Utah, Give Utah program  here 

In Addition to Donating, here are a few other ways to help!

As Thursday, March 31 approaches, you could also:
  • Spread the word about Rising Star: help share our social media posts about this special event
  • Share your story about Rising Star: are you a volunteer or sponsor through one of our programs? Share your story on social media, and don’t forget our fundraiser page
  • Ask your friends to donate. Most people learn of Rising Star Outreach through word of mouth
This is a great opportunity to feature Rising Star Outreach and the work we do, and I know with your help, we can succeed!


Mike Bacera
Communications Specialist

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