“Passion” is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion. Have you felt that before about a cause? Whether you were marching in a rally, volunteering for an organization, working on a project or studying something you felt strongly about in school, you have likely discovered over the years what it means to be passionate about something!

Throughout our lives we are always searching for deeper meaning and depth. We are seeking to serve a greater purpose and leave a mark on the world in our own unique way. Sometimes it takes us years to discover a cause and purpose we are passionate about. Others of us are blessed to know what that is at a young age. Regardless of when we discover what puts fire in our bones, we each want to be a part of something that builds and lifts. 

As a career I am going into nonprofit volunteer management so over the past few months I have been researching and volunteering for various nonprofits and learning about the missions they promote. I have been able to take a closer look at what fuels these groups and the good that they do! It has been incredible to see how passionate the administration, employees, and volunteers feel about their work to bless lives.

One particular nonprofit has fueled this passion in me and that’s Rising Star Outreach. In Rising Star Outreach, I have discovered the great passion volunteers and employees have for serving people that are hurting from leprosy in India. Some people have stories of loved ones or even themselves who have been greatly affected by this deadly disease. One of the impactful ways this nonprofit lifts and heals those hurting is through the volunteers and particularly through the Ambassador program. 

This program promotes awareness of this disease and reaches people who are truly invested in empowering individuals and families who have been affected by leprosy. Those that choose to be ambassadors stand together and truly make a huge difference in the lives of so many! If you feel so inclined, we would invite you to join with us as an ambassador for Rising Star. Those of us on the team will guide you to know how YOU can push forward this cause and ignite your passion to love and serve others! If you would like to be an ambassador join us on the facebook page ‘Ambassadors of Rising Star Outreach.’ https://www.facebook.com/groups/RSOambassadors 

I hope that moving forward in your life you won’t just go through the motions but that you will discover what you are passionate about! What makes you excited and pumped about influencing the world and leaving your mark. I can promise that as you search for that spark, you will find it! I certainly have! 



Lindsey Bohn

Ambassador Program Intern

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