I have learned, as a rule of thumb,
never to ask whether you can do something.
Say, instead, that you are doing it.
Then fasten your seat belt. The most remarkable things follow.”
                Julia Cameron

Six years ago Shawn Bradley — known in the basketball world and also for his towering height — and his wife Annette, envisioned doing something to help Rising Star Outreach. They had volunteered in India with their children and had seen the needs of many affected by leprosy. Basketball was Shawn’s game, but he also plays a mean game of golf. Margaret Archibald, a long time supporter and board member of Rising Star, suggested having a golf event at the Red Ledges Golf Course in Heber City, Utah. She and her husband Nolan Archibald were well connected with Red Ledges and knew it was a pristine course with incredible views of the mountains. They surmised any golfer would feel privileged to play on this challenging and demanding course!

Together with the staff and board members of Rising Star, they fastened their seat belts and remarkable things followed. 

On September 15, 2015, The Sixth Annual Shawn Bradley Golf Invitational and Rising Star Outreach President’s Brunch will again be held at the beautiful Red Ledges Golf Course.

This year at the President’s Brunch we welcome home Becky Douglas, founder of Rising Star Outreach. For the past three years she and her husband John Douglas have been serving for their church in the Dominican Republic. It will be exciting to reconnect with her and have the opportunity to hear about the remarkable progress of Rising Star.

I invite you to register on our website for the golf tournament here and learn more about our president’s brunch here. Donations raised at this tournament are used to provide support and give hope to thousands through our medical, economic rehabilitation, and educational programs.

Come golf, hit a hole-in-one, visit with Becky Douglas and at the same time give back in a meaningful way!

Megala K.

 Speaking of remarkable happenings, each of the Rising Star Outreach graduates from 12th Standard had high marks on their final exams and graduated from St. John’s International School. Commendably each has been accepted into prestigious colleges and institutes of higher learning to continue their education. Rising Star congratulates Logeshwari, Karpagavalli, Sonya, Megala, and Monodhaya for their dedication and hard work in this momentous achievement! 

Logeshwari G.
Manodhaya N.

Logeshwari and Manodhaya are now studying at the Schieffelin Institute of Health Research and Leprosy Center in the three-year Physician Assistant course, and Karpagavalli is enrolled to study Technology at Saranaphan College of Engineering to receive a Bachelor’s degree. Sonya has applied for a Bachelor’s degree in nursing at Dr. Mahanlignam College of Paramedical Sciences, and Megala would like to study nursing and is awaiting results of the entrance exams.

Each of these graduates have compelling life stories, and they’ve overcome difficult situations because their families have been affected by leprosy and/or poverty.  However, these circumstances have not deterred them from achieving their goals so they could attend college. Their diligence and dedication is a remarkable reminder of the power of the human spirit.

At Rising Star, we believe education is a gift — a gift that continues giving generation after generation. Education can break the cycle of poverty and greatly reduce the stigma attached to leprosy. I firmly believe education gives our Rising Star students life options that they never dreamed were possible.

To all of you that constantly support the life-changing work of Rising Star Outreach, I thank you for putting on your seat belt of service sharing your resources and love, and helping create for thousands the remarkable ripple effect of healing, self-sufficiency, and educational opportunities.

Remember to register for the Shawn Bradley Golf Invitational and Rising Star Outreach President’s Brunch!

With gratitude,

Sally Read


Rising Star Outreach

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