February President’s Letter

The last few weeks I have had a remarkable first-hand experience observing the real dedication of the Rising Star Outreach campus in India.

When Ron and Joyce Hanson originally decided to venture over to India, they thought they might spend a few months helping Rising Star Outreach work through a few challenges and continue the progress of building and establishing the campus many of us have come to know and love. Their dedication however led to a full two years of committed on-the-ground service in India. Their countless contributions from this experience are ever-present on this beautiful campus, and their ongoing service and sacrifice continue to lift and bless some of the most stigmatized and disenfranchised people on earth.

Ron and Joyce Hanson
On Wednesday, January 27, 2016, a beautiful new dormitory at Rising Star Outreach was dedicated as the Rondell and Joyce Hanson Girls Hostel. The festivities were fantastic with tremendous effort on the part of Dr. Susan Hilton and her staff. Visitors got a glimpse of the dozens of contributions that Ron and Joyce have made to the development of Rising Star Outreach’s programs.

Ron and Joyce were often the ones to identify a need and then to serve as the instruments to plan and prepare for the solution. This usually included a lot of personal sacrifice, the involvement of friends and family, and teamwork with many in India to bring projects such as these to fruition: 

  • The reverse osmosis water purification system
  • The dining hall
  • The sewage treatment facilities
  • The volunteer dormitory
  • The playground for the children
  • The completion of the school building
Rondell and Joyce Hanson Girls Hostel

Padma Venkatraman Block
To the Rising Star Outreach family, Padma Venkatraman needs no introduction. As a champion of humanitarian service and social justice, Padma has been a critical part of the growth and development of Rising Star Outreach of India, helping to frame and establish many of the core components of the work that we do to bless and lift the leprosy affected people of southern India. Like Ron and Joyce, Padma passionately resisted our invitation to put her name in a place of honor on the campus. Padma admitted to me that the only way Becky was able to convince her, was because the real intention was to provide the children with a prominent reminder of Padma’s example and dedication to serving all people.
Lamp lighting for the Dedication

On the afternoon of January 27, 2016, Padma Venkatraman served as the honored guest, unveiling the new placard dedicating the Padma Venkatraman Block of the Peery Matriculation School at Rising Star Outreach. Padma was humbled while we were thrilled to pay her this honor, providing our children with a constant reminder of how we value the dedication of this champion of the leprosy affected.

Dedication Dancers

Dr. Susan and her staff had another dedicatory surprise in store for us that same day! Thanks to the generosity, patience, and fortitude of many individuals, our campus recently grew by about 2 additional acres. To celebrate the occasion and prepare for the future uses of this land, our founder and current board chair, Becky Douglas, dedicated the sportsdrome and play field. 

These three dedications were remarkable as they serve to demonstrate Rising Star Outreach’s commitment to bless lives, particularly of the children who come here to live, learn, and train.

Just two days later, Rising Star Outreach hosted a “Mega Medical Camp”. This camp welcomed dozens of medical professionals from the Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre in partnership with Direct Relief to serve over 1,400 patients from the local villages and some of the leprosy colonies that we serve. What a fine example of how these facilities are not just dedicated in name, but dedicated in service to the good of humanity.

It is not just the buildings and grounds at Rising Star Outreach that are dedicated. The staff, students, and volunteers too are dedicated to making the world a better place. It is truly a privilege and an honor for me to be a part of this great work.

Thank you for your dedication and the many ways that you labor, sacrifice, and serve to bless lives!


Tyler Vigue

About Our President

Tyler and his wife Ali live in Provo with their six wonderful children. He speaks Latvian, loves his BYU sports teams, and desires nothing more than to help others and make the world a better place.
Email Tyler: tvigue@risingstaroutreach.org

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