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With the Holiday season approaching, we would like to remind you that you can also support Rising Star Outreach when you SHOP at

What is Amazon Smile?

Amazon Smile is a program in Amazon that allows a percentage of your purchase proceeds to go towards a charity of your choice.

What does it cost me? Does it add to my purchased items?

Participating in Amazon Smile does not cost you anything, nor does it add anything to the cost of your purchased items.

How do you sign up?

Great news! If you have an Amazon account, you already have access to Amazon Smile.

  1. If you have never used Amazon Smile before, start with the steps below, "To Select your Charitable Organization."
  2. If you have used Amazon Smile before, but would like to select Rising Star Outreach as your charitable organization, start at "To Change your Charitable Organization"



To Select your Charitable Organziation

  1. In your favorite web browser, go to
  2. Sign in to your Amazon account.
  3. Smile step 1

  4. In "Or pick your own charitable organization" search bar, type in "Rising Star Outreach", and then press "search".
  5. Smile Step 2

  6. A list of charitable organizations should appear, and "Rising Star Outeach INC" should appear first. Press the "select" button.
  7. Smile step 3

  8. If done correctly, you will get a "Thank you" pop up notification, and your supporting field should now say "Rising Star Outreach Inc"
  9. Do your holiday shopping at and a percentage of the proceeds will go to Rising Star. (Note: shopping at the regular amazon page does not donate any of the proceeds. Your shopping needs to be done through the portal)
  10. Smile step 4


To Change your Charitable Organziation

    If you've already chosen a charity before, you will not get an option to choose one. If you wish to change the charity you support in Amazon Smile, please logon to, and follow the instruction below.
  1. To change your currently selected charity, click on the charity name next to "Supporting"
  2. A window will pop up giving you the option to "Change your charity"
  3. Smile step 5

  4. Proceed to use steps 3 through 6 above.
  5. Don't forget to shop at

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