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Even if disease free, children of the leprosy-affected bear the same stigma as their parents. The only way to stop the generational cycle of begging is through education.

Each year, we welcome new students to our campus at Rising Star, but there are many that are turned away after we have reached our maximum. These children could still benefit from an education at a local school, but are not able to attend because they cannot afford a simple bus ticket let alone mandatory school supplies, and required uniforms.

Rising Star Outreach would like to help every child in the colonies with the opportunity of an education. The Perpetual Colony Education Fund Provides the financial resources necessary to help these children attend school. Parents in the leprosy colonies are provided a small loan. As the loan is paid back, the family can then "borrow" it again year after year, thus making it a perpetual fund.

The beauty of this program is that for the incredibly small price of less than $100, we can provide opportunity for 12 years of schooling! The families are still taking responsibility for their children's education, and the process invokes a commitment to success since the family is personally invested.

We believe that in the long run, the success of the children will do more to raise the standard of living in the leprosy colonies than any of our other initiatives. Their ability to gain an education, how ever meager, will do more to negate the stigma that dogs their lives than any other single thing we do.

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