We are so glad that you are interested in becoming a volunteer with us!

Rising Star Outreach welcomes volunteers of all backgrounds, ages, and from all parts of the world. Volunteers must be 18 years or older or attend with a parent or guardian. We accept any volunteer in good health, and special provisions will be made for families or groups.

We have done our best to address the most important aspects of being a volunteer on this page. If you find you still have questions or need more specifics about any of these subjects, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our International Programs & Outreach Director, Shalay Branch. Shalay can be contacted at 801.820.0466 or


In order to better fulfill the needs and wishes of potential volunteers, we offer multiple 6, 9, and 12-day programs throughout the year. We also offer the opportunity to schedule private expeditions that are perfect for families, companies, university clubs, or special projects groups.

Once you have applied and have been accepted into the program, click the name of your expedition below to pay your program contribution cost.

Please note: Although this list is updated regularly, expeditions can fill up very fast. Please contact Shalay Branch for current availability or to schedule a private expedition. 


Expedition Name

Expedition Dates

Optional Tour Dates

Program Cost


Women to Women 1 Jan 7-13 Jan 14-17 $1100 Call for availability
Women to Women 2 Jan 21-29  Jan 30 - Feb 2  $1300  SOLD OUT 
Private Session - C. Scott  Feb 11-17 Feb 18-21 $1100  Call for availability
Women to Women 3 Feb 18-24 Feb 25-28 $1300 Call for availability
Private Session - Colton Feb 25-28 Feb 29 - Mar 5 $900 Private Group
Spring Break 1 Mar 11-16 Mar 17-20 $1000 8 Spots Available
Spring Break 2 Mar 18-23 Mar 24-27 $1000 SOLD OUT
Spring Break 3 Mar 25-30 Mar 31 - Apr 3 $1000 SOLD OUT
Summer Expedition 1 June 10-18 June 19-22 $1300 4 Spots Available
Summer Expedition 2 June 24 - July 2 July 3-6 $1300 2 Spots Available
Summer Expedition 3 July 8-16 July 17-20 $1300 4 Spots Available
Summer Expedition 4 July 22 - Aug 1 Aug 2-5 $1500 5 Spots Available
Summer Expedition 5 Aug 5-11 Aug 12-15 $1100 8 Spots Available
Summer Expedition 6 Aug 19-29 Aug 30 - Sept 3 $1500 10 Spots Available
Thanksgiving Expedition Nov 18-23 Nov 24-27 $1000 Call for availability
December Expedition Dec 16-21 Dec 22-25 $1000 10 Spots Available


Please review the table above to see the Program Contribution Cost for your preferred dates.
The entire amount must be paid in full 30 days before your scheduled expedition.

Please review the table above to see the Program Contribution Cost for your preferred dates.

The entire amount must be paid in full 30 days before your scheduled expedition.

Your Program Contribution funds:

–  Medical Program
–  Colony Development
–  Education Program (become a child mentor)
–  Room & Board
–  Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
–  Filtered water
–  International Program Officer & 1-2 Facilitators
–  Trainings and Presentations
–  Safety and security in-country
–  All transportation related expenses in-country
–  Project expenses
–  Airport pickup and drop off in-country
–  Wifi for projects or personal needs

Your Program Contribution does NOT fund:

–  Flight to Chennai, India
–  Passport
–  Optional Tours
Any tourist activity expenses
Snacks & eating out
Sodas, sports drinks, etc.


After we have received your application, we will contact you with the details of your placement – usually within 3 business days. Once you’ve been accepted to join an expedition, you will have 2 weeks to submit your initial program contribution of $360.

Payment to participate in our program is tax deductible, and for this reason, your contribution is not refundable; this includes all donations made to Rising Star Outreach in your name that may be contributed by friends, family, and others.


The following discounts are available for every expedition:

Family discount: For families of 4 or more, kids under 18 receive $100 off
Volunteer Alumni: Return to India within 14 months and receive $300 off
Group Leader: Gather a group of 10 people (including yourself) for an expedition, and you’ll pay just $400


The following discounts are available for every expedition:

Family discount: For families of 4 or more, kids under 18 receive $100 off

Volunteer Alumni: Return to India within 14 months and receive $300 off

Group Leader: Gather a group of 10 people (including yourself) for an expedition, and you’ll pay just $400


Extend your trip by 3 days at our newest program site in Trichy

This program extension to Trichy is only available for groups of 5 or more and is $300+ per person (price dependent on how your group customizes this portion of your trip). For more specifics and to schedule this program extension, please contact Shalay.

Need help raising money?

Find out more about personal fundraising campaigns.

Need help raising money?

Find out more about personal fundraising campaigns.


All volunteers need to arrive one day before their program start date. You will be flying into the Chennai/Madras (MAA) Airport. You will usually arrive between 1-4 am on Sunday morning or Saturday evening.

You will be picked up at the airport by shuttle to stay at the Marriott (included in your Program Contribution Cost), and Rising Star Outreach will pick you up Sunday morning.


Although your personal cell phone can be used, international calls may be very expensive and service is not always reliable.

Internet is a cheaper and more reliable way to communicate while you’re in India. We recommend email, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, or other apps to keep in touch with family and friends.


You will be staying at the Holiday Inn located outside of Chennai.

Your accommodations will be comfortable and familiar.  All rooms will have air conditioning, western style toilets, hot showers, bedding, pillow, linens, and towels. A hot breakfast will be served each morning. Laundry services are provided on our campus.


There will be multiple ATM stops scheduled for you to withdraw Rupees with your ATM card. You won’t need to have any American cash on you, and you do not need to tip the drivers or maids – that has been included!

For safety reasons, we highly recommend not carrying large amounts of cash during any portion of your journey. It is better to withdraw smaller amounts of cash from an ATM more often than to carry all that you might need for your entire trip.


You will be offered 3 traditional Indian meals a day, consisting of rice, vegetable, fruit and sometimes chicken or fish.  We do suggest bringing your own non-perishable snacks. There will be 1-2  meals that will be eaten off campus at restaurants (these meals are covered).

Clean water is available for drinking. We recommend never drinking water straight from the tap – only bottled water or water from a filter should be considered safe for drinking.


A typical day during a volunteer expedition begins by gathering together for the ‘Morning Circle’ meeting. You’ll review the day’s schedule and make arrangements for any upcoming projects before heading out to spend the morning in a leprosy colony. After lunch, you’ll spend time at the Rising Star Outreach of India school campus with the children and staff. Dinner will be held on the rooftop with fantastic views of the setting sun. You’ll finish the day with an ‘Evening Circle’ to talk about your experiences, the high’s and the low’s, and to prepare for the next day’s activities.

Colony Development Activities

•  Microfinance history & tour
•  In-home leprosy wound care
•  Compassionate care
•  Tell My Story project
•  Games with children
•  Music and dance therapy
•  Health education of patients
•  Making flower garlands for patients
•  Cot weaving
•  Indian cooking

Campus Experience

•  Playtime with the children
•  Sponsor letter writing
•  Educational games/tablet tutoring
•  Read books to the children
•  Tell My Story project
•  Visit the Star Store
•  Meet your sponsored/mentor child
•  The Life Dance troupe
•  Indian classical dancing
•  Saree draping and lungi tying


During your expedition in India, you will have several opportunities to experience the customs, ancient traditions, and flavorful cuisine of India through meaningful interactions with locals and by touring several cultural heritage sites. Listed below are some of the places and activities you may enjoy. Having a deeper understanding of the customs and history of India, adds to the unique experience of our volunteers as one of the many highlights of their expedition.


–  Try a variety of different Indian dishes

–  Participate in cultural exchange discussions

–  Visit Lakshmi the elephant at the temple

–  Wear traditional Indian clothing

–  Have a pair of custom leather sandals made

–  Learn how to drape a saree and tie a lungi

–  Create traditional art with colony members


–  Kapaleeshwarar Temple

–  Shore Temple

–  Arjuna’s Penance

–  5 Rathas

–  Krishna’s Butterball

–  Santhome Cathedral

–  Manakula Vinayagar Temple


“Volunteering with Rising Star was one of the richest experiences of my life so far. As a medical student, it was fascinating for me to learn about leprosy as a disease and a public health concern, as well as the heartbreaking ways in which it impacts people’s quality of life and physical ability. The most important lessons I learned with Rising Star, however, were less about what is physically and medically disabling, and much more about how social stigmas and cultural attitudes can neglect, isolate, and de-humanize people. Never before in my life have I been so poignantly aware of my responsibility to care for people with not only medical attention, but dignity, humanity, compassion and love. It was truly life-changing.”


“I had the amazing opportunity this year to travel to India and volunteer with Rising Star Outreach. Being there during World Leprosy Day and serving people who spent most of their lives being treated as “untouchable” was an experience I will never forget. Rising Star has made such an incredible impact in the fight against leprosy in India, and I can’t wait to see the work continue to grow. I met a lot of people during my time there who touched my heart, both inside and outside of the leprosy colonies. This experience has made a lasting impact on my life, and I will be forever grateful for it!”


“Volunteering with Rising Star Outreach was an incredible and life changing experience. I loved to work for smiles and blessings of strangers, for moments where you share tears and laughs with people who are among the poorest. I am still amazed that I was the one who came to serve, and yet, their’s was the greater gift – they were the ones who better helped and served me!”


“Rising Star was a transformational experience. The organization gave me the support to create real change and impact dozens of lives for the better, including my own.”


“I will never forget the feeling of stepping foot on the Rising Star Campus for the first time. The feeling of love is tangible. Thanks to Rising Star Outreach, there is significant, tremendous work happening amongst the leprosy colonies of southern India! I have been changed forever.”


“Traveling to India to volunteer with Rising Star with 14 members of my family was a life-altering experience. Watching them eat, play and work with the students was a suburb act of love and service only to be exceeded by the opportunity to sing, play and rub wounded limbs with soothing oil at several different leprosy colonies…truly unforgettable experiences.”

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